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Our Associate Partners


KEMA, The Netherlands

High/Medium Voltage Testing & Certifications and Consulting Services



MR Reinhausen GmbH, Germany

On-load Tap-changers,On-line Filter Units, Transformer Monitoring Systems, Electronics



OMICRON Electronics, Austria

Primary & Secondary, Tan-Delta/Power Factor Test Systems, CT Analyser and FRAnalizer.



DOBLE Engineering Co. USA
Automated Insulation Analyzer, Circuit Breaker Test system, Testing & Consulting Services



SERVERON, USA (a BPL Global Company)
Continuous on-line Transformer Gas Monitors with Gas and Gas Systems .



NYNAS Naphthenics, Sweden
Transformer oil. Oils for the electrical,lubricant & chemical industry.



MESSKO, Germany

Temperature gauges, oil level indicators andMaintenance Free Breathers for transformers




Vibro-Meter Switzerland

Condition Monitoring Equipments for Rotating Machinery.



FilterVac International Inc, Canada
Transformer Oil Treatment and Re-generation Plants for the Utility electrical equipments

J.A.Becker & Sohne,Germany

High Pressure Air-Compressors and Industrial Lifting Systems.

InControl Tech Sdn.Bhd., Malaysia

Sub-station Automation, SCADA and Network Management.

Turbotect, Switzerland
On-line/Off-line Gas Turbine Compressor Washing systems (Stationery & Mobile) and Cleaning Chemicals

Petrotech Inc., USA
Controls & Instrumentation for Gas and Steam Turbines, Generators and Compressors.

Nordic Air Filtration, Denmark
High quality Gas Turbine Air-in-take Filters and Bag Filters.

Palmer Environment, UK
Water Management, Water Leakage Detection equipments and Data Loggers.

Al fanar technical services-KSA

Rewind , repair and test of any kind of transformer upto 200 MVA ,230 KVClass To the original specification Rewinding of LV, MV and HV, AC motors & Generator, DC motors and pumps